Summer Camps & Classes – A chance to stay out of the heat and bring a friend for free!


Bookings still open!


This is just a reminder that we are now running both Summer Camps AND Summer Classes until 1st September 2018. 


So, what are we offering?


Fun-Filled Summer Camps!

We will be running our hugely popular Super Quest Camps for 3-12 year olds and our Skill Thrill classes for your gymnastics junkies (6-12) all through the summer. That means lots of fun, cartwheels, and laughter for every child.  


Our camps are three hours long. During the first hour, your children are in the gym going on an adventure with our teachers. During the second hour, we have snacks (please make sure you provide this for your little ones) for a rest and to boost their energy, followed by a break with age-appropriate arts, crafts, reading, stories and play. And then it's back into the gym for a final hour of fun!


You can find our Summer Camps Schedule Here. The camp schedule remains the same for each week of the summer, with a different theme for the camps every week, and lots of exciting new games to play and skills to learn!


You can book any session. There are no restrictions on booking whole weeks, or days in a row. You can also book two sessions in one day!


Super Quest Camps -- 3-12 Year Olds

Children from 3-12 years old can go on a Super Quest as a Super Hero, Sky Ranger, Green Beard’s Pirate or go on a Race to Outer Space… and many more wonderful themes. We'll take your little one on a gymnastics and sports Super Quest full of exciting themed missions in the gym. Then they'll take a break from the running around for healthy snacks, arts and crafts, and story time in our cosy, colourful storybook corner, before heading back into the gym for their next mission. Note that we will only be able to book 3-4 years old for 2 hours at a time. 



Wednesday afternoons - Skill Thrill Camps -- 6-12 Year Olds

For gymnastics junkies aged between 6-12 years, come on a super fun and confidence boosting Skill Thrill workshop to perfect handstands, cartwheels, vaulting, handsprings and more. Skill Thrill Camps are themed camps that also build in some seriously fun skill development! Not only do your children go on a fun mission in the gym, they also get to hone their gymnastics skills just in time to show them off at school again in September!


Flexible Camp Scheduling! 

Family schedules are complicated, and you might not want to sign up and attend camps all day every day. No problem! At The Little Gym, we give you the choice of doing one half-day camp a week, two, three, or even 10! The number of camps you attend is absolutely flexible and designed to work with the differing needs of families and children. 


Members and non-members are both welcome too! Pricing below!


Great Deals with Summer Camp Bundles!

Summer Sunshine is great, and so are our great Summer Camp Bundles! Camps are £30 per half day for members, and £35 per half-day for non-members. Full day for our members are £55 and £60 for our non-members. Buy 10 half-days and get it for £200 if you’re a member or £300 if you’re not a member yet!


To book camps, contact our wonderful team of teachers on 01483 343 000 or email Here!


A Summer Bonus -- Classes!!

We're thrilled to announce that we will now be holding classes for every age group -- from 4 months to 12 years -- across the summer. We just couldn't ignore your requests for classes in the summer! 


Summer classes with our lovely teachers are a great way to keep developing your children's bodies, brains, and their social and emotional skills while they're having a break from school. 


Our super teachers will run classes for Bugs, Birds, Beasts, Super Beasts, Funny Bugs, Giggle Worms, Good Friends, Flips and Hot Shots, AND Twisters all the way through the summer


You can find our complete Summer Classes schedule click here -- choose 'Summer Schedule 2018' from the drop-down schedule menu. 


To book classes, contact our wonderful team of teachers on 01483 343 000 or email us here!


Great Value Summer Class Bundles!

We also have some fantastic summer value bundles and the opportunity for summer only pay-as-you-go sessions to keep your little ones giggling and growing across the summer holidays. These value bundles are only available across the summer


Check these great Summer Bundles out: 

Summer Bundle One: As many classes as you want for £110 (members) and £120 (non-members)!

Summer Bundle Two: Six Summer Classes for £80 (members) and £92 (non-members)

Pay-As-You-Go: £15


Bookings are open now! Spaces will be limited, so get in early to book. 


We're looking forward to seeing you for a world of wonderful summer fun soon! 


The Little Gym Godalming Team aka; Charlie, Kimmy, Angus, Erica and Cléa 


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