TLG_Godalming_Clea-RosenfeldClea Rosenfeld


As a child, my world revolved around ice-skating, dancing and gymnastics. I balanced school and study with cartwheels, leaps and spins, not stopping until I became the French national ice skating champion.

My love of sport was born in those early days, and I have so many happy memories of the joy sport brought to my childhood. For me, that joy did not just come from winning – it came from the feeling. The feeling of spinning, feet flying through the air, my first forward roll, my first cartwheel – nothing can compare!

As an adult, I built a career as a global investor relations executive. Even then I knew that I wanted to work for companies that were making a difference to children. For more than a decade, I worked with paediatric specialist, Shire Pharmaceuticals. My days were spent working with researchers, doctors and pharmacists that were creating drugs to help children breathe for themselves, to walk again, to start growing, and to have better childhoods.

I discovered The Little Gym when my son, Luca, was 18 months old. I knew that I wanted sport to be part of his life, and took him to The Little Gym Hampton. I went to a few classes, and I totally fell in love with the concept.

We stayed for many years, and I can still see Luca’s little face when he was smiling and laughing, and grinning at me through the viewing window. The parent-child classes were such a wonderful bonding experience and I could see my boy progress through each stage of the curriculum. He was learning and having so much fun. It was just absolutely magical!

My son is a teen now, and over the years I’ve seen first-hand how The Little Gym contributed to not just his body, but also his soul. There was no judgement, it was non-competitive, and it focused on developing the ‘whole Luca’, not just his body. I could clearly see his balance, confidence, academic, social and athletic skills being nurtured and enhanced. I loved it.

I’ve always been passionate about children and making a difference to people’s lives. When I decided to become a business owner, I wanted to combine those passions – work with children, contribute to their happiness and development, and support their families.

The Little Gym was the perfect fit, and a little bit of digging revealed that it was a franchise. That’s really the minute that The Little Gym Godalming was born!

I can’t wait to welcome you and your children to The Little Gym Godalming, and to see it full of children that are loved and appreciated by our team, and encouraged to learn through fun. All while their grown-ups relax, chat, work, or even catch forty-winks in our lobby.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Clea Rosenfeld
Owner – The Little Gym Godalming